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"Thank you my duck!"
by Mabel Warner
The little Business with a difference - (Established 1989)
1998 Published by Rima Publishing - ISBN: 0953291510
Follow the day-to-day story of a Bird and Animal Sanctuary created by an ordinary working Oxfordshire Woman slightly eccentric maybe!!! Read how the Sanctuary began and the trials and tribulations of the initial years.
The creation of Wigginton Waterfowl Sanctuary and Children's Farm is the realisation of the lifelong dream of Mabel Warner. Following purchase of the 22 acre site near Wigginton Heath in 1987, it took 2 years to erect timber buildings, huts and fencing as well as digging out ponds to turn the neglected wetland into the Sanctuary.
Since opening in March 1989 many animals have lived happily at the Sanctuary including; Geese, Ducks, Bantams, Rabbits, Guinea pigs, Goats, Pigs, Tropical birds, Emus, Terrapins, Ostrich, Chipmunks, Donkeys to name but a few.
Mabel and her Family have spent much of their own time caring for sick, injured and neglected animals and they continue to devote their lives to the care and love of animals at the Sanctuary. She has overcome many obstacles to ensure the Sanctuary will continue: surviving drought, shortage of animal food, unlawful landfill tipping near the site, and animal theft. The Sanctuary has enabled Mabel to teach animal husbandry to other keepers and through Schools projects.
She has worked with individuals on animal behaviour therapy and the Sanctuary of course is a rescue centre for those animals who are in desperate need of a safe loving home.
The design and layout of the Sanctuary is designed around the natural features of the land and the existing natural springs system.
The Sanctuary encourages wildlife, you can enjoy meadowland, hedgerows with wild flora and Wildlife ponds. Many native wildlife choose the site as their home including wild rabbits, birds of prey, frogs and newts.
In 1990 the Sanctuary received Oxfordshire Special Conservation Award (O.S.C.A) for Outstanding contribution to conservation in Oxfordshire.
Parents who visited when they were young are returning with their own children for the unique experience at the Sanctuary.
We still allow cuddles with the baby birds and animals, under the strictest adult supervision.

'Mabel's Magical Animal Stories' (Book1)
by Mabel Warner 2007Printed by Tim & Dawn at Kopyrite.net
This is the first book in the series of the 'Real Life Stories by Aunty Mabel', the books have been specially designed for young children with the help of a Language Consultant and illustrations. You can enjoy sharing with your children the short tales of the residents at Wigginton Wildfowl Sanctuary and Children's Farm both human and animals, with photographs and illustrations to compliment the stories and a great keep sake of your visit to the Sanctuary.

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